The Many Benefits of Playing with Dough

The Many Benefits of Playing with Dough

We get it. Playing with dough can get messy sometimes. But as an early childhood educator, I can assure you that the benefits are incredible, so hear us out!

Fine Motor Development: Playing with dough enhances fine motor skills. The squeezing, squishing, rolling and shaping actions helps develop and strengthen tiny hand muscles.

Improves pre-writing skills: When your child plays with play dough, his/her pincer grasp (squeezing the pointer finger and thumb together to grasp an item) improves, helping them master pencil-holding.

Hand-Eye Coordination: While playing with dough, your child is physically engaged and constantly working their hands and eyes simultaneously. 

It’s Calming. Squishing and squeezing dough can be a great stress reliever, even for adults! It can be quite therapeutic and soothing, especially for children who are experiences stress. 

Creativity and Imagination: Possibilities are endless with playing with play dough. Children's imaginations are left running wild, their in control of their own creations!

Natalie Sabri
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