Nasiba Adilova, cofounder of The Tot

Instagram: @thetot / @naseebs

“Play dough is one of the best tactile activities you can do with children. It’s great for fine motor skills and cognitive development. We love The Dough Parlour because they use 100% natural ingredients, add wonderful scents that can be calming or invigorating for children and package everything together in easy gift sets.”

“When it comes to play dough, The Dough Parlour put a new twist on a classic activity. Opting for pastel colors, aromatic scents and completely natural and non-toxic ingredients, their dough is a safe option for helping your kids strengthen their fine motor skills, work through emotion, or simply create their next masterpiece.”

Jill Atogwe, Texas

Blog: http://goldandgraphite.com/

We were sent a box of the Dough Parlour play dough from The Tot and my littles were hooked the moment they opened the box. I do my best to limit toxins as much as possible in our home, especially when it comes to kids toys, which makes this the perfect activity to add to our daily routine. Did I mention the colors are scented and each one somehow smells even better than the next? We couldn't be happier with the Dough Parlour products!

Melissa Joy Boerger, Kitchener


We absolutely LOVE Dough Parlour! The great quality and smell is enough to make any child or adult sit down and play. My kids were literally freaking out when it came in the mail and we started smelling all the flavours and using their adorable playdough cutters. They love it so much that they clean it up immediately after they play because they want it to stay good forever LOL! Which is an added bonus for me!

The Thompson Family, New Brunswick


We fell in love with our Dough Parlour play dough the moment it arrived. The scents are incredibly unique and are strong enough to enhance the sensory experience but not overpower it. We love the wide range of soft colors which instantly bring a sense of calm to our play. The packaging is genius with its easy to open lids, so perfect for little hands! Of course we love that the dough is made from non-toxic ingredients!

Dominik Cadieux, Founder of Le Petit Cocon


We love the products from the Dough Parlour at my store Le Petit Cocon because it is the best dough for my kids at home, and that’s what I want for my customers. Only the best, natural products that are safe for our kiddos. Fun, colourful, and smells like heaven, you can’t go wrong with any scents! The only problem is that we can never choose just one flavour, we want and love them all!

Monique Meaux, Toronto

Blog: bymeaux.com 

Rolling, shaping, sculpting, molding . . . Our girls love playing with dough parlour dough! 

As a Montessori mom, I love products that are super fun and also support the girls’ learning and development. For this reason, Dough Parlour play dough has become a staple activity in our home - the girls love them! The main thing I love about Dough Parlour play dough is they stir up different senses for the girls:

Sight - LOVE their pastel colours! The dough also helps the girls use their imaginations and express their ideas through visual art and make-believe play. I can’t tell you how many times the girls have made J and I also indulge in their tasty meal creations! They also love using their Dough Parlour cutters to make shapes and other fun things!

Touch - Dough Parlour dough feels amazing! It’s soooo soft! It’s also therapeutic! When the girls get upset or need to be calmed down, they love the suggestion of playing with their Dough parlour dough. Working with the play dough pounding, flattening, and squeezing along with their cutters really provide a great activity to cope with stress. 

Smell - Ohhhh the smelll!!!! They smell sooooo good I even open them every now and then and take a sniff because they smell DIVINE! 

I also love they Dough Parlour Play Dough is made with 100%non toxic ingredients! 

With Dough Parlour play dough working all of these senses, playing with them help the girls build narrowed attentional focus by experimenting with making their own creations which helps satisfy their curiosity, also also makes them analyze and solve problems. These are all skills that also help them learn and succeed in school!

Bay Area Moms, San Francisco


We love Dough Parlour play dough! The unique colors and smells make it even more fun and appealing to the senses. Exposure to sensory play is so critical for my littles at their age. I am also more prone to join in the fun because of how pleasant it is!

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