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3 Indoor Fall Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

3 Indoor Fall Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

Easy, Low Mess Crafts Everyone Will Enjoy!

The summer has flown by so fast! With fall vibes in the air and children back to school, we wanted to share some indoor fall activities to keep the fun going. Since there are only a few hours after school to do something with your children, it’s important to keep activities “easy to do.” This way, you won’t dread doing it and likely get it done.

Trips out to the farm are a great fall activity, but not when it’s raining and cold. So here are a few easy clean-up, fun activities your children (and you) can keep busy with.

Paper Plate Crafts

When we think of indoor fall activities, it’s normally brown or orange. But with paper plate crafts, you can do any colour and include a fall theme too, if you like!

Paper plates are usually something we all have in the kitchen. They make the perfect “face” for any animal, pumpkin, or even an imaginary monster. They can even be hung like a picture frame if your child prefers drawing something. The fun part of this craft is the actual paper plate since it’s something different than flat, boring paper (kids oddly enough, notice these things)!

With a few markers and, if you’re up to it, some construction paper, glue, and scissors, your children can pour their ideas onto their plates.

Here are some easy paper plate craft ideas you can try!
• Flowers
• Car
• Butterfly
• Fall Themed Paper Plate Crafts


Sock puppets or brown paper bag puppets are lots of fun to make. Your children can create endless puppets with a bit of glue, pipe cleaners, or yarn. They can use their puppets to put on a play or enjoy the moment with their new friend(s)!

You can even do an indoor fall activity play date! Invite friends over and make it a puppet party! If children get really into it, they can also create props and make a puppet box to put on a skit. The sky is the limit, and it doesn’t take much to do.

• No Sew Sock Puppets
• Easy Paper Bag Puppets
• Fall Leaf Puppet Craft (uses popsicle stick – no sock or bag needed)
• Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Fall Dough Play Mat

Fall activities are surrounded by apple orchards, pumpkin patches, jams, leaves, candy apples, and the biggest celebration in Fall; Thanksgiving! We’ve created a double-sided, laminated mat that features these fall themes.

One side of the mat has a tree trunk that desperately needs some fall leaves to fill it up! Children can use six delicious scoops and a handy leaf cutter from our Fall Box to complete the tree. It’s hours of focused creative attention: rolling, cutting, placing, and designing their tree.

On the flip side of our double-sided mat is an empty plate. The sky is the limit for this one! Children can fill the plate with whatever they can think of. We’re sure they’d be inspired by the yummy smells of their dough scoops! A special touch was added to cultivate gratitude and focus children’s thoughts. At the bottom of the mat, we’ve written, “What are you grateful for?” This small addition is a powerful teaching opportunity for parents to nurture a sense of appreciation in their children.

Dough Parlour Fall Box

Since modelling dough is our thing, we’d like to nominate our Fall Box as the perfect indoor fall activity!

Our Fall Box perfectly fits into the category of an easy-to-do indoor activity. Everything a child would need for hours of fun and easy clean-up is included in each box. Our Fall Box offers children neat stampers, cutters, and an array of colourful, fall-scented dough Scoops!

Our Fall Box Includes:
🍎 Candy Apple
🎃 Pumpkin Spice
🤎 Cinnamon Roll
🥧 Apple Pie
🖤 Blackberry Jam
🍏Caramel Apple
✅ Four stampers – a turkey, a pumpkin, an acorn, and a leaf
✅ Two BONUS metal cutters - a large pumpkin and an animal claw (turn upside down and use it to make a ghost!)

Whatever indoor fall activities you do, remember to have fun! A little mess may create more work, but it also gives you priceless memories! What indoor fall activities do you enjoy doing with your child? Share your ideas below!


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