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Explore STEM with Dough Parlour

Explore STEM with Dough Parlour

With most modern-day “grown-up” jobs involving some element of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), it’s important to get our children thinking about their interests in these fields at a young age. Integrating STEM into early childhood education can help with problem-solving, analytical thinking, and the application of complex concepts to real-world scenarios. Additionally, incorporating STEM-based toys into your little one’s lessons encourages them to think outside the box with their creativity. Our modelling dough was recently recognized by CTV Morning Live as one of the top STEM toys for Canadian children, and we’re excited to share how Dough Parlour can help you educate your child(ren) on all things STEM, right at home! 

STEM is an exciting and expansive field with a world of opportunities. According to GirlScouts, 74% of high school girls are interested in STEM; having your child(ren) explore the fields (with Dough Parlour of course!) will help kickstart their success at a young age. The versatility of our dough is perfect for hands-on learning. Whether you need a little assistance explaining the solar system to your children, helping with a math problem, or even providing the tools to build imaginative structures, Dough Parlour can be used in a multitude of ways to help make concepts more clear.  

We’re all about making playtime fun yet informative, and implementing toys into lessons is a fool-proof way to keep things exciting and memorable. Our modelling dough is a fuss-free way to make STEM lessons more engaging, prompting children to be more hands-on and curious throughout the learning process.

If you’re interested, please check us out on CTV Morning Live as we’re highlighted alongside some of the country’s top STEM toy brands! 

CTV Edmonton Morning Live

CTV Calgary Morning Live

CTV Vancouver Morning Live

CTV Regina Morning Live

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