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What’s In Our Dough?

What’s In Our Dough?

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With our super squishy texture and mouth-watering scents, it’s only natural to be curious about what’s really in our modeling dough. Great news - we’re sharing some secrets today! Here are the ingredients that make all of The Dough Parlour’s products 100% non-toxic and 100% vegan. 

Wheat Flour: The elasticity of our modeling dough comes from the gluten in the wheat flour that we use. We know satisfaction is measured on a squishy scale, so we kept that in mind when choosing the flour for our formula. Wheat flour plays an important role in giving our dough its beloved bouncy texture, and the deeper colour of the flour also helps make our pastel magic happen.

Sea Salt: As a natural antibacterial preservative, salt gives our modeling dough texture, and keeps it fresh enough to store on the shelf (tip: storing in the fridge will help extend the life of your dough once opened). Working with the other ingredients in our formula, sea salt adds extra body to our modeling dough.

Vegetable Oil: Just like baby oil keeps skin smooth, vegetable oil is the natural lubricant that we use to keep our modeling dough soft. It moistens all the ingredients and combines them into one happy mixture with a non-sticky texture that we know and love at The Dough Parlour.

Natural Food Extracts: With sensory play at the forefront of our philosophy, we focus on making The Dough Parlour's scented rainbow cheerful yet child-proof.

To achieve the wide range of scents for our modeling dough, we use only natural food extracts for fragrance to keep our ingredients 100% natural.

Premium Bakery-Grade Colouring: Our modeling dough gets its perfect pastel with the help of our wheat flour, but the star player is the premium bakery-grade colouring we use. 

And there you have it - The Dough Parlour’s all-vegan, and all-fun ingredient list! With our hand-picked ingredients for our hand-crafted modeling dough, your child is guaranteed to have a fun filled sensory experience every time, and you know exactly what's in their hands.

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