CBC's DRAGONS' DEN Season 13

100% Non-Toxic, Scented Modelling Dough

Fruity Scents
100% Non-Toxic Ingredients
Biodegradable / Compostable
Rehydratable / Water-Based
BPA Free
two little girls, one black who has short hair, and one white who has red long hair in front of a happy birthday banner holding 100% non-toxic play dough, that is natural and safe for children

We love to party!

Our dough tubs are perfect for occasions and treat bags!

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green apple play dough with rolling pin, 100% non toxic natural play dough

Fruity Scents

Keeps children engaged & busy for hours of play!

100% non-toxic natural play dough. 

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Giftworthy Packaging

& screw-top lids keep dough fresh, longer!

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Bring Imagination to Life!

Create endless, open-ended play experiences with our variety of soft, soothing colors from our 100% non-toxic playdough.

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Pick & Choose Your Own!

Customize your dough pack for a personalized gift!

100% non-toxic natural play dough.

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dinosaura dough cutters for 100% non-toxic play dough that's safe and natural for kids hands

Chunky Dough Cutters

Comfy size & perfect for little hands. Made of high-quality coated steel.

100% non-toxic play dough that's safe and natural for kids hands.

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childs hand pulling on turquoise ribbon with polka dot wrapping paper opening up 100% non-toxic play dough
rainbow different colors of play dough on wooden background that is 100% non-toxic play dough and natural and safe for children
100% non-toxic lemon yellow colored playdough on wood board background with little childs hand making lemon slices out of safe and natural dough
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