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Free shipping over $99



We're excited to launch our new rewards program! Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated (and get 250 points!) on new rewards rolling out over the next little while!


1. Visit the Rewards page and Create an Account or Log In to your Dough Parlour account.

2. Earn points for shopping, on your birthday, signing up for the newsletter, leaving reviews, and referring friends.

3. Spend your points to get shop credit!


What is Parlour Points Rewards?
Parlour Points Rewards is our new rewards programme for our customers to earn points with purchases, after writing reviews, on their birthday, and more! 

Can I apply previous purchases to my rewards account?
Unfortunately we can only count purchases made once you're a Parlour Points member.

I did one of the points earning actions and I don't see it in my rewards balance, can you help?
Of course! Send us an email with the details and we'll look into what's going on!

Will I be notified when I've earned points?
Yes, you'll receive an email letting you know you've earned points, or you can log in and check your balance on the Rewards page


Notes: Parlour Points hold no cash value. Parlour Points rewards may change at any time and without notice. Some reward actions only earn points a limited number of times.

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