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3 Intentional Ingredients in Our Dough

3 Intentional Ingredients in Our Dough

little girl playing with doughAt The Dough Parlour, we're proud to be transparent about our product ingredients. We strongly believe this transparency is a big part of why our customers choose our products over others... besides the insanely delicious smelling dough and beautiful pastel colours! 

Here are three of our ingredients we're particularly proud of:

1. Food-Grade Scents: 100% of the ingredients we use are premium and bakery-grade, with the exception of some of our Seasonal scents which are scented with organic essential oils.

2. Natural Preservative: We use salt as an all natural preservative in our dough at the small cost of shorter shelf life. Tip: Store in the fridge after opening to extend the dough's life.  

3. BPA Free Packaging: The Dough Parlour’s packaging is entirely BPA-free to ensure that the modeling dough inside stays soft and safe.

Want to learn more about what's in our dough? Check out this blog post that goes into more detail about our ingredients » 

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