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4 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations You and Your Kids Will Love

4 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations You and Your Kids Will Love

It’s nearly Christmas! Everyone’s excited to go shopping for gifts and can’t get enough of the lights and collective joy that’s in the air.

Make this holiday season extra special by creating DIY holiday decorations with your kids. Not only will you be decorating your home with ornaments that have meaning, but you’ll also be creating memories your kids will fondly remember for years to come. It might even become a yearly tradition they’ll pass on to their own kids in the future!

These DIY holiday decorations are not just easy to make, they’re also pretty enough to be used as gifts and keepsakes. Your kids (and you!) will surely enjoy making these holiday craft ideas.

A girl painting pinecones into green Christmas trees

Pinecone Christmas Tree

This might be one of the easiest and prettiest DIY decorations there is. In fact, most of the materials you need are probably just sitting around your home:

  • Pinecones
  • Acrylic paint (you can choose any colours you prefer)
  • Small wood slices
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small paint brushes

Paint the pinecone green. It’s arguably the most popular colour this time of year, but you can use any colour you prefer. White is also a great choice that will go with a green tree or natural theme. 

Make sure to cover the entire pinecone with paint including those really small, hard-to-reach crevices. Alternatively, you can just leave those out for a more rustic look.  

Next, paint small dots of yellow, blue, red or any colours you like all over the pinecone. This will serve as the tree’s “Christmas lights.” You can experiment further by adding a wooden star on top or glueing silver glitter around the cone to make it sparkly. Once dry, use the hot glue gun to stick the pinecone onto a slice of wood. Voila!

Snowflake Goodie Bags 

This holiday craft idea might be simple, but it can be used in a variety of ways. You can put cookies and other baked goodies inside or use them as a gift wrapper. You can also hang them on your Christmas tree as an ornament! What you’ll need:

  • Brown paper bags of different sizes
  • Snowflake rubber stamps
  • White, light blue and dark blue ink
  • Red and green baker’s twine

Stamp white, light blue, and dark blue snowflakes on the paper bag. Then, punch two small holes at the top. Thread a piece of baker’s twine through the holes and tie it together.

Tin Can Lanterns

Have any empty tin cans lying around at home? Don’t throw them away just yet! You’ll be needing them, along with these other items, for this Hanukkah DIY craft project:

Fill the can with water and put it in the freezer for a few hours or until the water turns to ice. This will make it easier for you to punch holes into the can. 

Draw a Star of David on the can. Use a nail and hammer to lightly tap holes across the lines you’ve drawn. You can let the ice melt on its own or pour hot water over it to melt it faster. This part of the DIY holiday craft should only be done by an adult.

When the can is dry, let your kids paint the can with metallic paint. Put the tea candle inside and let this pretty tin can lantern light up your home!

Clothespin holiday decorations

Clothespin Snowman

With a little makeover, you can transform boring clothespins into cute holiday decorations. You can use them to hold gift tags, to-do lists, and your favourite artwork made by your kids. Here’s what you’ll need:

Paint the clothespin white. You can coat it once for a more natural look or do several layers for a more even tone. Make sure to open the clothespin once in a while as it dries so it won’t be glued shut.

Once dry, take a short piece of coloured yarn and tie it around the clothespin. It will serve as the snowman’s “scarf.” You can glue the yarn to the clothespin to secure it.

Draw two black eyes, mouth, and buttons on the clothespin using a black marker. Shape the orange dough into a small triangle and glue it where the nose should be.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Dough Parlour

Have you taken your pick from our DIY holiday decorations list? We hope you did!

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