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How to Destress as a Parent in Lockdown

How to Destress as a Parent in Lockdown

Let’s face it. Being a mom is a full-time job (if not, more!), and having to work that job amidst an ongoing lockdown makes it even more challenging. With the countless changes we've experienced over the last year, however, the need for self-care has been a constant. While we know all too well how difficult it can be to set aside time for yourself, aiming to destress benefits both you and your child(ren). To help, we’ve compiled a shortlist of our favourite self-care practices for you - and the kids too!

Develop a routine
With the ongoing changes that stem from COVID-19 lockdown regulations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a lack of stability in our daily lives. So, what better way to create a sense of normalcy than with a routine! Whether it’s a quick morning routine to kickstart your day, or a detailed schedule to follow from noon to night, establishing a routine allows you to operate at your best. Designating times for specific tasks will help you and your little ones stay optimistic, motivated, and focused on the tasks at hand. Remember to be intentional about time for three non-negotiables - meals, play, and you-time!

Join, or create, a support group
Spending time connecting - albeit virtually - with other parents who are experiencing similar stressors often helps to ease pressure and creates community when (and where) it's needed most. Being able to chat, decompress, and share stories with parents in similar situations acts as a reminder that you're not alone in this challenging time. Use this opportunity to exchange tips with other parents regarding at-home activities, how to stay engaged, ways to celebrate milestones, and more.

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Celebrate the little wins
Goal-setting is crucial for children to understand the process behind task completion. In the reality of our current situation, it’s important to celebrate success whenever, and however, possible. Whether it means rewarding your little one with their favourite treat after getting through a tough school lesson, or allowing them to indulge in a little extra YouTube after cleaning up their room, these rewards will fuel good behaviour, motivation, and optimism in your child - and you!

Think outside the box
In a time where it feels like being creative is all we can do, the silver lining is that there’s always something new to test out, see, and experience! Bringing your little one into the kitchen as a “sous chef” to spice up mealtime, or changing up math lessons with new tools (like using our dough!) are some foolproof ways to animate the everyday.

While each family is experiencing the lockdown differently, you’re able to guide the experience in your own home. Use these tips to help ease the stress and increase the smiles during this time together!

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