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Play Up Your Geography Lessons with Modelling Dough

Play Up Your Geography Lessons with Modelling Dough

Geography is a school subject that often gets children excited… until they become distracted. In the age of learning from home, it can feel challenging to teach geography to your little ones in ways that keep them motivated and engaged. That’s where we come in! The Dough Parlour’s modelling dough is a great tool to add into geography lessons. Our dough is perfect to encourage your child to associate sensory experiences with learning and, as a result, retain the information with better recall. Here are some ways to bring your geography lessons to life.

Geography with Dough Parlour mats

World Continents
Have your little ones use modelling dough to get familiar with the world continents! Using different colours and stencils that define the shape of each continent will work as a reference point when teaching your child the differences between each continent.

With some familiarity of the continents, you and your child(ren) can start a discussion about the ecosystems within each continent, and visualize them with dough! Have your little one replicate animals and plants from images online (or from their imagination!) while you walk them through the different forms of life on each continent.

The Earth’s Crust
Look inwards with your little ones and guide them through the layers of the Earth’s crust! Use a different colour of dough for each of the earth’s four layers, making a small ball for the inner core and adding new layers for the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. Cutting the sphere in half once all the layers are done will not only help children understand the concept of the Earth’s crust better, but it will also give them an unmatched feeling of satisfaction!

Though kids love the subject of geography, their attention spans may sometimes say otherwise. By incorporating The Dough Parlour into your lessons, we’re sure that your child(ren) will not only be engaged, but excitedly counting down until the next one!

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