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Scoops® Birthday Cake Confetti

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NEW! Our Scoops® Birthday Cake Confetti modelling dough makes the perfect party favor for any themed birthday or festive occasion! Vanilla cake-scented dough in a neutral off-white color, and comes with a mini packet of pretend resin confetti sprinkles (in assorted colors). Please note the confetti is NOT edible and is a choking hazard. Not recommended for children below 3 years of age.

Handcrafted in Canada. Made from 100% non-toxic ingredients. After opening: store well-sealed in the refrigerator to optimize shelf life. Each dough pot is approximately 100g.

Our modelling dough is intended for play and is NOT edible. Please read our Allergy Alert. Modelling dough is a potential choking hazard and is intended for children 2+.

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