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Reducing Anxiety in Children

Reducing Anxiety in Children

Activities for Calmer, Happier Children – Keep Calm and Parent On!

little girl stacking orange, purple and green dough balls on table with stuffed animals in the background

Let’s face it, the stress of today’s changing world not only has us adults dealing with heightened anxiety, but also our children. It’s true, children across the world have been real super stars in dealing with these uncertain, scary times that the COVID pandemic has brought, but it still has had its effect. It has been a monster-full of change for them to bear; changes in their parent’s schedules, and even the limited interaction with family and friends. While the beauty of children is that they always find a reason to smile, the uncertainties and inconsistency in relation to what they expect can cause them mild anxiety.

Being parents ourselves at The Dough Parlour, we worry about our children’s mental health too. Included in those worries is the need to restrict screen time, since it also contributes to aggravating their anxiety.

If you’re anything like us, then you must be exhausted thinking of new ways to keep your children busy! So, we decided to save others the extra work of brainstorming and made a list!

Inspired by Play Therapy we’ve put together some activities that help calm and reduce anxiety in children. Play is a powerful means for children to express their emotions and let us know how they are truly feeling despite not quite knowing how to express themselves in words.

Create a Space

little girl sitting at table playing

Consider clearing an area in your home, which allows a cluttered free “work space” for children to find a place of calm and consistency, as well as enjoy their play time.

Here are some calming activities, as well as Natalie’s picks showcasing some awesome products that will keep children happy and healthy (yes… and busy!).

• Colouring and Drawing
• Playing with dough
• Puzzles
• Wooden Blocks
• Stuffed Animals
• Finger Painting
• Board/Card Games – Candy Land, Go Fish, etc.

little boy playing with dough with stuffed animals in the backgorund

Natalie’s Calming Corner Picks

Dough Parlour’s Founder and Childhood Educator shares some of her favourite products to include in your pre-schoolers ‘calming corner’.

Jelly Cat – For a beautiful friend to play with, cuddle and hold tight – day and night (that wasn’t meant to rhyme, but a mom is a mom!)

Rock Blocks – A different, almost natural way to build. This toy offers building play without traditional blocks but rather play “rocks” that come in calming, relaxing colours.

Janod Puzzles – Dazzling cardboard puzzles, that come with a poster you can use to decorate your space. It’s also packaged in a cute carrying case. It’s easy to tuck away and bring out whenever your children are ready for some quiet play time.

Noodle & Boo – Bath time has its reputation to calm anyone down! These products make bath time a wholesome, soothing experience.

As the expression goes, “it takes a tribe to raise a child” and we’re certain that our creative Dough Parlour followers have tons of great ideas on what they do to help calm their children.

Share with us what you do to help alleviate anxiety in your children/child – tag us @DoughParlour. You never know who can benefit from your experience, including us! 

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